1º.- The list of pre-assigned company names (LPN) you are viewing, has been compiled, within the general project of promoting entrepreneurship in Spain, as an instrument tending to facilitate the rapid incorporation of companies, and has its legal basis in the first final provision of the consolidated text of the Capital Companies Law, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2010, of July 2; in the Arts. 15 and 16 of Law 14/2013, of September 27, supporting entrepreneurs and their internationalization; in article 9 of Royal Decree 421/2015, of May 29, and in Resolution of the DGRN. of November 2, 2015.

2º.- The LPN is made up of 1,500 company names, compiled based on the official list of economic and reserved activities from the day of its inclusion in the LPN, which accredits, through the legal examination, its non-coincidence with another pre-existing company name and, therefore, its immediate availability for the interested party.

3º.- The procedure for obtaining it is as follows, whether the processing is done directly by the founder of the company or through the Entrepreneur Service Points (PAE).

  • Examen de la BdD y selección de hasta cinco denominaciones por un mismo interesado y día, previa identificación del interesado. Examination of the LPN and selection of up to five company names done by the same beneficiary and in the same day, with a previous identification of the beneficiary.
  • Once the company name is selected, all the requirements of the application form will be completed, typing the chosen company name and its identification number. One application form must be completed for each chosen company name, (if more than one is chosen.) It is necessary to include in the application form the data of the beneficiary the applicant´s data being irrelevant, if it is a person other than the beneficiary.
  • Payment of registration fees by credit card, which is the only acceptable method to verify payment.
  • Once the entire process has been carried out correctly, an electronic file will be downloaded to your computer, containing:
    • The certification, with an only pre-assigned company name, digitally signed by the Registrar, with a secure verification code (CSV).
    • A document linked to the certification, by means of an electronic seal generated by the system, in which the name of the beneficiary of the application form and the selected company name will appear, with express reference to its identification number.
    • An invoice confirming the payment of the fees, which will necessarily be issued to the beneficiary of the company name.

4º.- Once the aforementioned documentation has been obtained, the remaining procedures to register the company may be continued, either electronically or through the ordinary procedure, in which case it may be registered within a maximum period of six months, which is the period of validity of the certification.


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